Sunday, December 11, 2011


If you're wondering what the symbol is in my favicon, it's the logo I designed to put on my knives.   The centre knife in the logo represents my middle initial and is a stylized version of a Randall Fighting Siletto that I have in my collection.   I've been dabbling in knifemaking for a number of years but have never seemed to be able to go into it seriously.  Perhaps when retirement comes and there is more time to devote to it I'll give it the attention that it deserves.

My knife grinder is a KMG (Knife Makers Grinder) made by Beaumont Metal Works in Columbus Ohio.  It is quite popular in the knifemaking community, this one has a 2HP DC motor with a variable speed controller.  In the picture it has an 8 inch contact wheel but I also have a 12 inch wheel and a flat platen.   

These are a few blades in various stages of construction. 

This is the second knife from the right in the above photo.

 This is the first knife on the left in the above photo.  I modeled this after a Bob Dozier Professional Skinner and like it quite a lot.  This is my go to knife for deer hunting.

And here's the kydex sheath for it.

These are some of my earliest knives.

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