Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bicycle Accident

My commute to work is really a great ride.  It takes me through the downtown area of Sarnia and follows the St. Clair river through Corunna, Mooretown and Courtright to my work at the Lambton Generating Station.  We have showers at work as well which is all the more reason to get some exercise.

Last August I was returning home from work on my bicycle after working a night shift and made it all the way home but somehow I crashed at the bottom of my driveway.  I can't remember falling but what I think happened was my front tire came off and sent me over the handlebars.  I landed on my head and was knocked unconscious.  Here are some pictures of my helmet.  You can see in the top picture how it is cracked where most of the force from the fall was absorbed.  The bottom picture shows the abrasion from the fall.

I must have suffered from amnesia as I cannot remember falling or waking up.  My watch was damaged and stopped working at the exact time of the fall 07:35.  I also remember checking my time as I came up the street and it was around this time.  My first recollection was stumbling into the house and going the bathroom to check myself out and wash my wounds.  After getting a bag of peas from the fridge to apply to my face to keep the swelling down I went back outside to collect my bike.  My wife Trish found me at this point when she came back from a run.  It was 08:05 so I must have been laying unconscious at the bottom of the driveway for at least twenty minutes. 

She took me to the hospital where I received stitches to my cheek and nose where my glasses had cut me.  After several x-rays the doctor pronounced that I had not broken any bones.  Here's a picture taken after the fall.  You can make out a faint red spot on my fore-head where I must have received the blow that knocked me out.  I had abrasions all over the place as you can see from the picture below so it must have been quite a fall.  My neck and back muscles were sore and would take quite a number of visits to the physiotherapist and some time to heal. It was early on a Sunday morning which probably explains why nobody saw the fall or me lying there.
When I arrived home from the hospital I asked Trish to look for the lens from my glasses which were missing from the frames.  After she couldn't find it I went down and had a look but couldn't find it anywhere.  Later that day I found them in my fanny pack where I must have placed them earlier but I had no recollection of putting it there.  It could have been much worse - I could have broken my neck!


  1. Your fall must’ve been really bad based on the road rashes you’ve had. But you’re still somewhat fortunate that you were almost home when it happened. Your experience is just another indication that accidents can happen anywhere, so we shouldn’t let our guard down even for a moment. I’m sure you didn’t. Keep safe! ;)

    Penelope Worrall

  2. You’re also lucky because your wife saw you a few minutes after the accident. It’s a good thing that she took you to the hospital right away. During incidents like this, it is important that you go see a doctor, even if it’s just a minor one. This is just to get everything checked out and determine whether you have a serious injury or not. So, how are you? Keep safe always, Kevin!

    Cindie Guevara

    1. Cindie, I just discovered your reply to this post. Everything is fine and I've had no ill effects at all that I can tell. Yes, I was fortunate my wife found me. Funny thing is, it was early morning so most of the neighbourhood, including my kids, were asleep at the time.